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              TeslaDUO – MRI Monitor – SpO2 and Non Invasive Blood Pressure measurement in one compact solution.

              The TeslaDUO represents the latest standard in MRI pulse oximetry. TeslaDUO was specially designed for monitoring patients during MRI examinations. It meets the requirements of Radiologists and Anesthesiologists without compromising image quality.

              The TeslaDUO continuously measures your patient’s oxygen saturation and pulse as well as non-invasive blood pressure during MRI examinations.


              Flexible monitor configuration

              • TeslaDUO is available in 3 setups

                        o Pulse oximeter

                        o NIBP Monitor

                        o Combined monitor (SpO2 and NIBP)

              Wireless pulse oximetry sensor

              • Maximum comfort for patients and personnel
              • Minimum risk of damaged fiber-optic cables
              • Low operating cost

              Soft-touch finger adapter in three sizes

              • Monitoring of adults, children, and neonates with only one sensor
              • Optimal placement of the finger sensor leads to optimal monitoring results

              NIBP cuffs in different sizes

              • A complete set of NIBP cuffs in included (Adult, pediatric)

              7-inch touch screen

              • A 7-inch color display for good readability of the monitoring values, even from the control room
              • Simple and intuitive handling directly on the screen
              • Two display modes (saturation curve and numerical values, large numerical values)

              Infrared remote Control

              • Convenient infrared remote control for manual NIBP measurements and alarm silence

              Patient data and trend data memory

              • Up to 8 hours of trend memory with the possibility to assign patient data to the trend
              • Data transfer via USB interface

              Completely flexible positioning

              • Positioning of the unit on a trolley or board
              • Positioning on the original Trolley for TeslaDUO including magnetic field indicator

              Gating option

              • Trigger impulse based on SpO2 saturation curve.

              Integrated Battery and power supply

              Approved for 3 Tesla MRI Scanners.

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